With a Battery Backup Unit from TDS®

Some TDS Phone service is power dependent, which means it doesn’t work when the electricity goes out; preventing you from being able to make calls (including 911 emergency calls).

To ensure your home phone service works at all times, you can get a Battery Backup Unit.

Available as an add-on for a one-time fee, a Battery Backup Unit supplies up to 24 hours of back-up power (when it’s fully charged) to your phone service.

To order your Battery Backup Unit, call 1-855-696-8368

Who Needs Battery Backup?

Not all customers need a Battery Backup Unit, especially if you have a charged, reliable cell phone. However, a Battery Backup Unit does bring peace of mind to customers and is useful if you have:

  • Medical issues that require emergency 911 assistance
  • A home medical alert system
  • A home monitoring or security system

The Battery Backup unit does not:

  • Power any other TDS service (like Internet or TV).
  • Power cordless phones. It will only work with a corded, landline phone.
  • Power a home-security or health-monitoring system; however it will provide the communication services needed for those systems to transmit data.

How It Works

When your power goes at home, the Battery Backup Unit automatically kicks-in, as signaled by an audible alarm.

When fully charged, you can expect your Battery Backup Unit to supply up to 24 hours of power to your phone line. However, each phone call you make/receive will deplete the reserve. So, too, will the number of corded phones hooked up to the backup.


To preserve your power, only make emergency 911 calls when your Battery Backup Unit is working. But, do not turn off the Unit to save the battery as it could prevent the receipt of emergency calls.

To order your Battery Backup Unit, call 1-855-696-8368

Every Battery Backup Unit includes professional installation (fees may apply). Once purchased, all unit maintenance, battery replacement, disposal, etc. is up to you.

Replacement batteries are readily available online or can be purchased from a home improvement or electronics store. Batteries are NOT available from TDS.

For all the details on using your Battery Backup Unit, see the user’s manual available at cyberpowersystems.com/products/fttx/indoor.

Be sure to select the model number of your specific unit.

TDS is not liable for interruptions of service due to power outages. Installation fees may apply. Environmental conditions including temperature and humidity could reduce the backup power time available and life of the battery. Batteries will degrade over time. Customer is responsible for maintenance, monitoring, and disposal of battery. Monitoring lights and testing buttons are located on the front of the power supply. Subsequent batteries for the unit may be available from online retailers or specialty battery stores, and can be self-installed. Prices may vary. Check the manufacturer’s user manual for type of battery required, installation instructions, and operating instructions. No warranties apply. Subsequent Battery Backup Units may be available from TDS.