Channel Lineup Notifications for Your Area

Channel Lineup Notifications for Your Area

New Programming Package:

On March 12, the News Tier will be available to Freedom customers as an Add-On package for $5/mo. It includes:

Channel Name Channel Number(s)
CNN 56 556 HD 
HLN 57 557 HD 
FOX News 55 583 HD 
Fox Business Network 70 544 HD 

Channel Negotiation Notification:

TDS is currently negotiating to continue broadcasting MLB Network on channels:





If an agreement isn’t reached, these channels may go dark on March 31, 2019.

New Channel Notification:

Now available!  NHL Network is on channel  222 (598 HD) in the Digital Family Package.  Don’t have

the Digital Family Package?  Upgrade today, call 1-855-301-7470.

What happens if broadcast fee and negotiations fail?

Sometimes during negotiations, broadcast retransmission negotiations, local cable providers can’t come to an agreement with corporate broadcasters and/or networks. This happens when the broadcasters and/or networks are looking to maximize their income by asking for increased rates from local cable providers. 

When disputes occur, popular networks or local channels are taken off the air to negotiate deals in their favor. In other words: channel blackouts. Channel blackouts can happen anywhere with any provider.

Rest assured, TDS does everything in its power to negotiate fair deals for our customers. We work hard to make content agreements that are in the best interest of your pocketbook, while also delivering you a great product.

For more information about broadcast negotiations and broadcast retransmission fees and, visit or